Sacred Heart College – The Court Precinct wins Masters Builders Award

Lyons Construction is thrilled to announce that it has been recognised for its efforts at the 2021 Master Builders Victoria – South West Regional Building Awards.

Lyons Construction was awarded the Excellence in Construction of Commercial Buildings over $10.5m for the project at Geelong’s Sacred Heart College, The Court Precinct.

The Court Precinct at Sacred Heart College had been architecturally designed with minimalist elements contrasted with high-quality finishes. The exposed precast concrete columns are a feature of the space both internally and
externally, which houses 13 general learning areas, five science labs, 2D and 3D art, electronics, fibres and fabrics spaces, collaborative and breakout spaces, gathering spaces, staff rooms, amenities and a striking brass cafe.

Extensive external works were undertaken including the construction of a northern pergola exiting the atrium to the north and linking back within the heart of the campus. This paved thoroughfare is dubbed ‘The Way’ and a large-grassed quadrant is situated adjacent. Cast bronze discs have also been installed celebrating historical milestones of the college.

The Court Precinct has been architecturally designed with minimalist elements contrasted with high-quality finishes. The exposed pre-cast concrete columns have organised the spaces both internally and externally, including 12 learning areas, collaborative spaces, amenities, and a northern pergola structure. These spaces contain fine minimalist detailing which requires a large amount of planning and precise fabrication to accomplish the desired result.

The large stained glass circular window is a feature element of the building and a construction achievement that involved a great deal of preparation and management to deal with the existing site constraints. The building’s material palette ranges from zinc and Scandinavian-imported bricks cladding the structure, and aspects of concrete, steel, and timber used throughout the interior. State-of-the-art technology has been integrated within the building management system to provide sustainable alternatives to control the temperature. This includes smart sun shades, blinds, and slab hydronic heating.

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