Progress Report: Holy Family School

Progress out at Holy Family Primary School is going super well!

Our construction of the Stage 1 facilities started as we entered 2021 and are set to be completed in December 2021.

The lucky school will be receiving brand new facilities worth $2.2M including a new staff lounge, foyer and administration, conference room, meeting rooms, Principal’s office, staff resource/ planning centre, presentation space, amenities and new learning spaces.

Working within the live school environment is always a fun challenge for us – managing deliveries, minimizing noise and ensuring safety for all staff and students is crucial to school project. But, the outcome is always worth it! Getting to create modern learning facilities for the next generation of Geelong’s learners is so rewarding, and getting to see the excited faces of the staff and students is one of the best payoffs!

Having worked across many, many school projects during our 92 years in construction, we are so thrilled to contribute in a small way to ensuring great education for all students across the Geelong region!