About Lyons Construction

Established in 1929, Lyons Construction is the third-generation family business responsible for crafting some of the most iconic buildings in the greater Geelong region.

A leader in our industry, Lyons Construction’s focus revolves around creating buildings of excellence in every aspect of the word – from award-winners and Green Star rated projects to buildings that give back to the community.

Over the past five years, Lyons Construction has successfully completed over 55 projects within the greater Geelong region. These projects have spanned the aged care, community, educational, health, industrial, offices, residential, retail, and sports & recreation sectors and have a combined project value of over $200M.

At Lyons Construction, our strong foundations and rich project history ensure you can be confident we can create the building you envisage.

  • Mission

    To build a vibrant, successful and strong community by creating innovative infrastructure built to grow with the community.

  • Purpose

    To add real value to Geelong and our local region.

  • How

    By creating buildings of excellence, investing back into our community and growing for the future.

  • Always strive for Excellence

    Excellence is woven into the very fabric of every build that Lyons Construction undertakes.

  • Integrity in all that we do

    Lyons Construction will always do the right and decent thing. We put the well-being of our people and our clients first over profits.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Whether the materials, the labour, the client service or the end result, quality takes precedence.

  • Foundations Based on Trust

    Lyons Construction cannot deliver without the trust of its clients, and in return we offer transparency, accountability, communication and collaboration.