Darren Cheeseman MP visits Lyons Construction’s Iona College Site

On Friday of last week, we were lucky enough to be visited onsite at Stages 2B & 3  of Iona College by the Member for South Barwon, Darren Cheeseman.

Stage 2B of the project involves the construction of a multi-functional Games Hall, including a state-of-the-art food tech room, gymnasium with retractable seating zone, music room and full changeroom and amenities.

The third stage sees the construction of a Specialist Learning Building providing the perfect environment for every subject from physics to dance. The varied spaces housed within the building ensure each student can embark on their own educational journey.

To facilitate this learning, the two-storey Specialist Building includes:

  • Machine room
  • Materials technology room
  • Digital technology room
  • Design studio
  • Designated physics lab
  • Designated biology lab
  • Designated chemistry lab
  • Three general laboratories
  • Staff workspaces
  • Visual communications room
  • Dance studio
  • Drama room
  • Maker lab
  • General art space
  • Lounge
  • Theory Spaces
  • Adaptable project space
  • Terrace

This huge project is the culmination of a huge government commitment to upgrading educational facilities in the region. This particular project received a huge $5 million investment from the Victorian Government.

It’s always thrilling to take the client on a tour of their site and show them their dream building becoming a reality.


Site Visit With Darren Cheeseman Mp 2