Women in Trades: Testimonial from a Female Labourer

Recently at our project at St. Ignatius College (we’re currently constructing the Loyola Administration Centre out there) one of the labourers approached Allan, our HSEQ Manager, to talk about Lyons Construction.

Jaqueline just wanted to let us know how much she appreciated working on the Lyons Construction sites and how our approach to safety and women in construction was a standout amongst the builders she’s worked with.

We were so thrilled to hear that the processes we have in place were being recognised and valued that we asked Jacquie to put some words together about the Lyons Construction difference.


Here’s what Jacquie has to say:


“Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I work for a labour-hire agency, which has exposed me to various large and small commercial construction companies throughout Geelong and the Surf Coast. Juggling two jobs, one as a rigger and one as a labourer, I am constantly exposed to a lot of sites, sometimes up to three different sites in a week, so my perspective is definitely based on experience. In being asked how Lyons Construction compares, I have to say so far Lyons Construction has been the standout.


I had the pleasure of working on three very different Lyons Construction sites, but regardless of this, all three have shown the same consistency in their approach to me and my safety, which has been rare in my experience. All three site managers have been welcoming, accommodating, and created a productive and professional environment to work in – all without compromising on safety.

Safety is not always a priority on some of the other building sites I have worked on.  I find Lyons Construction is about proactive safety rather than reactive action, which is a credit to Lyons Construction.

This is not the first industry I have worked in, but it is now my industry of choice. However, as a woman in construction, I have been overlooked and had my capabilities underestimated on more occasions than I can count. I am an educated woman, and as such, I use these skills to reflect on what is happening around me and adapt to the environment. I also have a multitude of High-Risk licenses, as well as real-life experiences and I think it is important for construction companies to welcome women and acknowledge their skills as they do men, and encourage future generations of women to pursue a trade or work in construction.

I enjoy coming to work on Lyons Construction sites, as the environment (including safety) you have created make it a pleasure to work in, and this brings out the best in me and many others I work with. I have found the culture at Lyons Construction very welcoming and I do feel they welcome females into the work environment. They also make sure they allocate a toilet for me which is great as some builders still haven’t caught up to that requirement!

I look forward to seeing how you continue to progress in such a great direction.”


If you’re interested in learning more about Jacquie’s career in construction, check out her Instagram @fieryrigger.