40 years at Lyons Construction

You know that feeling when you’ve found your dream job?

Well, our Senior Site Manager and member of our Board of Directors, Bernie Henry does!

This week Bernie celebrated a HUGE milestone – his 40th work anniversary!

Bernie began his apprenticeship with Lyons Construction in 1980 and has been a valued member of the Lyons Construction family ever since!

Having worked on over 40 projects, Bernie has worked on some of our most iconic projects including: 

Not only has Bernie completed some of our most iconic projects, but in the last five years, he’s completed over $40M worth of projects!

Words from the Board of Directors:

“Thank you for the exceptional and loyal service and leadership you have given to Lyons Construction. The way you have conducted yourself around the clients, architects and your fellow workers is a true credit to you.” Gary Iacono, Managing Director

“Bernie, it was a special day in 1980 that you came to us as an apprentice with the Master Builders Group Apprenticeship Scheme. Your arrival and work from then, for 40 years with our company, has been one of the best things that have happened to Lyons Construction.” Norm Lyons, Chairman

“The quality of your work and your relationship to all is a credit to your character and is displayed in all the buildings you have constructed.” Kevin Lyons, Retired Chairman

“You can reflect on hundreds of projects, big and small, interesting, challenging, and iconic. You have worked with so many people and made such a positive contribution to the building industry.” Steve Lyons, Commercial Manager

“Believe me, I’ve seen the alternative and there is no comparison. Bernie is the lynchpin and his measured, can-do attitude is incredibly reassuring to everyone on the team.” Geoff Saunders, McGlashan Everist

“Bernie is a highly efficient and dedicated professional whose endless knowledge and experience as a builder have helped our company to complete many projects without hassles. You have been an inspiring person to Caruso Bricklaying.” Ben Caruso, Caruso Bricklaying