A 45 year industry pioneer

It goes without saying that in today’s working environment a 10-year tenure is hard to come by, so when Lyons Construction’s Managing Director, Gary Iacono reached his 45-year anniversary earlier this year we wanted to look back and reflect on his milestone achievement.

Lyons Construction first met Gary in 1977 when he was a fresh-faced 16 year old. A son of a much-valued Lyons Construction team member and carpenter, John Iacono who was with the company himself for 16 years.

At the time Lyons had a team of experienced Carpenters, Labourers, Cabinet Makers and Foremen. The team were recruiting a trainee Estimator and Gary had applied.

At the young age of 22, Gary and his already steady reputation were put to the test. Lyons Construction tendered on a new project for Torquay Primary School. To our disappointment we were told we were the lowest tender and the department said that the project had to be retendered. Luckily, we had formed a strong working relationship with Geoff Saunders from McGlashan Everist, who was a member of the school council at the time, and he suggested giving Lyons Construction three weeks to revise its tender. Gary’s determination and efficacy were put to the test, and he managed to successfully win the project for Lyons Construction.

The building was successfully completed, which subsequently won an award for Excellence in Construction at the Master Builder Awards. This was a major catalyst for Lyons Construction, going on to build Smorgy’s and other significant projects and landmarks in the Geelong region.

Gary’s adaptability as an employee and loyalty to the company has never faulted in his 45 years, something Eric, Kevin, Norm and Steve especially are extremely thankful for. During his career, he has progressed from Estimator to Assistant Managing Director, Joint Managing Director and now Managing Director. He is also a valued Director and Board Member of the business.

Gary’s expertise in estimating and management of the company’s day to day operations is well-respected by clients, architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, peers and especially by his team of employees. Gary has cemented his position in the company and the industry as we move forward. We wish him well as he continues to set the path for the future, particularly at Lyons Construction. Congratulations, Gary!