Creating a greener Greater Geelong

Lyons Construction is thrilled to announce the Highton Child & Family Centre has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star rating for Design and As Built by the Green Building Council of Australia.

This accomplishment is hugely exciting news, not only because the 6 Star rating represents global excellence and leadership in sustainability, but this is the first City of Greater Geelong building to achieve this rating.

So, how did we achieve this rating?


Meticulous consideration went into the selection of every material. This includes innovative, recycled, and sustainably-sourced products such as:

  • Carpet tiles made from reclaimed fishing nets
  • Linoleum made from linseed oil
  • Wood-type product constructed from reclaimed pine dust and recycled plastic bottles
  • Sustainably sourced structural steel
  • Recycled water and aggregates used in the concrete slab
  • Recycled timber


Even the landscaping promotes sustainability!

Ochre Landscapes designed a gorgeous and engaging play space for the children, focused on dense tree planting and the use of indigenous species.

The innovative use of Boston Ivy even works as living insulation by:

  • Protecting the external walls from absorbing too much heat in the warmer months (when the plant is at its leafiest)
  • Allowing the sun to warm the external walls of the building during the colder months (when the vines are bare)
  • Minimising dependency on both heating and air conditioning


The Highton Child & Family Centre also boasts:

  • Solar panels
  • Stormwater re-use in the toilets and gardens
  • Fittings which promote water efficiency


You’re only as strong as your team – and we’re incredibly lucky to have a great one!

As with all projects, a Green Star project is impossible to complete without the collaboration and hard work from the client, architect, consultants, and every subcontractor, supplier, and member of our staff.

A special thank you to our Contracts Manager, Simon Taylor, and Site Manager, Dan Evans, for their dedication and commitment and excellent work in achieving this.