Businesses Supporting Businesses – Tambo Valley Honey

What a year 2020 has been already!

With COVID-19 forever changing the world’s history and the recent bushfires forever changing Australia’s, this has been one of the toughest years for Aussie businesses.

Because of this, for Easter, we wanted to focus on giving back and supporting those affected by the bushfires as they again enter uncertain circumstances.

Enter, Tambo Valley Honey.

Tambo Valley Honey is owned by Ben and Stacey Murphy, who for the last two years have worked away from their home in East Gippsland to ensure they gave their business the best start.

A few months ago, Ben and Stacey finally got the opportunity to establish over 450 hives near their home. Little did they know, that just three weeks later those hives would be in the fire impact area during one of the most devastating bushfire seasons on record.

For two weeks after the fires passed Ben and Stacey still couldn’t even return to see the full extent of the damage due to road closures. Sadly, when they did get in to assess the damage, they were greeted by over 200 burnt-out hives.

But, the business’ biggest challenge is still to come – it’s estimated the burnt-out forests will take over a decade to be able to sustain beekeeping again. With 75% of their public land lease sites destroyed, the fires mean even more time away from home for the pair.

So, how did we show our support?

With the hopes of supporting Tambo Valley Honey (and thanking our staff for their flexibility and cooperation through the stress and uncertainty that COVID-19 has created) we gifted each Lyons Construction staff member with a bottle of Tambo Valley Honey and made a donation to assist Ben and Stacey in maintaining their business.

We wish them all the best in rebuilding their business and their hives, and bringing bees back as part of the ecosystem in Tambo Valley.