Lyons Construction says farewell to Greg Talbot

The ultimate measure of a company is it’s people and the strength of a team is each individual member.

On Friday 6 July 2018 Lyons Construction farewelled a valuable and valued member of our team, Greg Talbot, who retired from the company after 23 years. What an outstanding achievement.

Greg joined the Lyons Construction team in 1995 and is to date the company’s longest serving labourer. Greg has worked on many projects in and around Geelong. He speaks with pride of having worked on award winning projects such as Smorgy’s, the Deakin New Generation Library and The Katsumata Centre at Kardinia International College. Greg also enjoyed mentoring the younger members of the team and we thank him for that.

Building is a team effort and Greg was an integral part of the team. Greg epitomised Lyons Construction’s values, professionalism, integrity and excellence, and was known for his work ethic and good humour.

There is no doubt that Lyons Construction is a better place for having had Greg as part of our team and he will be missed. Our loss will be Greg’s family’s, and the wider community’s, gain as Greg plans to spend more time with his grandchildren, travelling and volunteering.

We wish Greg, and his wife Yvonne, all the very best and look forward to catching up with them in the not too distant future.

Thank you Greg for a job well done!